Shayla Polk, DSW, LCSW

Adolescents & Substance Misuse: Why Pay Attention?

A Session by Dr. Shayla Polk, DSW, LCSW (Prevention Systems Manager, LA Governor's Office)

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Addressing risk and protective factors and promoting education and awareness is vital for preventing adolescent substance use, given the brain's vulnerability to substance use. Research has shown that the adolescent brain is highly vulnerable to the negative impact of substance use due to brain development not reaching completion until the age of 25. The misuse of substances among adolescents is becoming increasingly multifaceted. Although the consumption of alcohol is decreasing, the use of marijuana, electronic vaping, and other mood and behavior enhancers such as kratom and tianeptine are on the rise.

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Dr. Shayla Polk, DSW, LCSW

Dr. Shayla Polk, DSW, LCSW

Prevention Systems Manager, LA Governor's Office


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